Pre-press or the concept of PREparing the material

Pre-press or the concept of PREparing the materialWho would have thought that there are certain steps to be followed before the printing process itself? Of, course anybody who knows a thing or two about priting industry and priting machines is familiar with some actions prior to priting, such as: preparing the matrices with the image or text to be reproduced, making the screens for screen printing or the plates in flexography, but the whole preparation process became a concept when digital printing appeared.

The term itself is called prepress,referring to all the procedures that occur between creating the print layout and the final printing. Prepress procedures include all the procedures previously mentioned, and some new elements, editting the images or texts and creating a high-quality print file.

Preparing for quality printing is a very important phase through which mistakes are eleminated,colors are verified and sizes are adapted. All procedures that are used  in prepress are known as workflow, which is different depending on the printing process, the final product and the specific technique. For instance, digital printing uses a computer or an image setter to generate film with the help of a series of digital processes. Getting a printing product of high quality is equally the result of a technological process and a communication process. Continue reading